понеделник, 5 август 2013 г.

Дъг Кейси за неволите на световната икономика

"The world we now live in is manipulated, managed, and controlled... by the very same people who have manipulated, managed, and controlled the global economy to the precipice.
Separating fact from fiction is essential to surviving what's coming with your assets intact.
  • Will Obamacare destroy the US health care system and cripple the economy?
  • Can the world's central banks really print their economies back to prosperity?
  • What's driving the US stock market? How big is the risk as it reaches new highs?
  • Is the bond bubble approaching a pin, wiping out bond investors while simultaneously opening a decades-long profit opportunity for early movers?
  • Is the bull market in hard assets over or just getting started? What's holding gold and silver stocks back?
  • Has the US now crossed the line in becoming a police state?
  • After decades of false promises, is America finally on the path to energy independence? Or is it a myth opening the door for clear-eyed energy investors to profit?
  • Just how far is your government willing to go to defend the status quo of deficit spending and to keep the social fabric from tearing?
  • Is a currency war now both inevitable and imminent... what are the consequences for investors?
  • Is the Eurozone doomed?And that's just for starters..."                Още http://www.caseyresearch.com/summit/2013-fall

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