вторник, 19 февруари 2013 г.

Цитат на деня

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Джо Кокран Казва:

"It’s ridiculous how much people overpay for brand names when they can get the generic a lot cheaper. They must be pretty naive. 

Business school finance professors are horribly overpaid. Ask an anthropologist!  We must really have snowballed university administrations to get paid nearly half a million bucks, and work a grand total of 10 weeks a year, all to teach students that there is no alpha to be made in the stock market. 

Did you know that Kim Kardashian gets $600,000 just to show up at a nightclub in Vegas?  How silly is that?

It’s a lot of fun to pass judgment on “social benefits,” “size,” “complexity” of industry, and “excessive compensation” of people who get paid more than we do, isn’t it? But it isn’t really that productive either."

John Cochrane Is Finance Too Big?


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