петък, 4 май 2012 г.

Почти цитат

По повод грандиозните дебати за и против финансовата дисциплина споделям по-долу цитираната мисъл на Питър Дорман и се опасявам, че е нужна много голяма  наивност, за да бъдем оптимисти. 

In part, I just want to understand the intellectual environment we live in, and my starting point is always the classical theory of ideology: different people have different interests, and this causes them to see the world in different ways. The second part is that, if I am right, this way of framing the debate disabuses us of the naive notion that a smarter or more precise argument will win the day, and leads us to the political transformation that’s needed instead.

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